My experience of the internet

January 23, 2023

Thoughts - how things have evolved

Pre-internet, I remember the Digit & Chip magazines which would come with CDs. I would sort through software manually and create folders in my PC.

My first PC was year 2000, when I was just 5. A 128mb RAM, Intel Pentium machine, which was a huge luxury in those days. It cost a total of 30,000 INR, and it was the most fascianting thing for me. I remember the day we got it, and turning it on for the first time. It used to run Windows 98 (eventually XP). This would be the machine where I'd play my first game of Solitare, Prince, & even GTA2 and AOE2. This would also be the machine which would take me online first, where I would venture into the world of Yahoo, Limewire, Gaia Online, Orkut & the likes.

I joined in the internet in 2004, when I was just around 9 years old. Those were the days of Pentium PCs and dial-up modems, where I could only be online for a few hours every day (it was super expensive). My parents didn't really understand my obsession, but they supported it nonetheless. Over time this progressed to broadband (2006-07), a 2mbps connection, which was like a luxury back then. I remember trips to the BSNL (governemnt phone company) offices, and the going into a 'meeting' in order to get a broadband connection.