Writing Goals

January 23, 2023


The why

  • I started writing a little more, and it worked well. I thought I'd share.

  • I also observe a lot of things which I want to share with people, and this might be an easier way of doing it.

The what (blog goals)

I want to do a looot of things here. What I write about could range from history to physics to startups and everything in between. Some examples

  • an interesting product I come across
  • an insightful podcast/snippet (Snipd)

Types of things I want to write

On a higher level

  • notes, which are quick scribbles of thought. For documentation, probably not for sharing
  • posts, which are things I might want to share
    • need to figure out code stuff vs other stuff. Maybe another higher level category

Figuring out tags vs categories.

Oosts (more refined) have categories, but everything can have tags. Tags can be many, categories controlled. Both can have URLs. Category will have 1-1 mapping with posts, tags many-1

Potential categories, what I want to learn (draft)

I want to write about what I'm learning. This is sometimes just technical stuff, and other times interesting facts connected to each other, patterns in history, economics

  • Software development
    • interactive tutorials about things I have thought about
    • aim to write something which can also be a talk. Maybe scribble in notes.
  • Internet history
  • Computing history
  • Building early stage products
  • Finance/economics/VC etc

The how (WIP)

  • NextJS as framework
  • MDX for authoring
  • Eventually - author in Roam and export